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Changes in Marketing of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging in Fang Xiangxin

Changes in Marketing of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging in Fang Xiangxin

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Forthecosmeticsmarket,thecurrentenginedrivingthegrowthofcosmeticsconsumptionisinAsia,andChinaisparticularlyconcerned. China'smarketisamarketinwhichtheworld'smajorbrandsofcosmeticscompetewitheachother.
For the cosmetics market, the current engine driving the growth of cosmetics consumption is in Asia, and China is particularly concerned.  China's market is a market in which the world's major brands of cosmetics compete with each other.  Domestic cosmetics bottle enterprises have been mainly obtaining orders through export, and foreign trade is the main market for many cosmetics bottle enterprises.
 However, according to the latest market report, it is necessary for our cosmetics bottle enterprises to change the traditional sales path to some extent.  At present, L 'Oreal, Avon and other low and middle-end cosmetics brands have all reported that their growth momentum in China's cosmetics market has declined and sales growth has slowed down, mainly due to the rise of domestic cosmetics in China, and local cosmetics companies have been increasing from 10 % of the market share.  With the growth of these enterprises, the domestic cosmetics manufacturers' demand for cosmetics bottle packaging is also increasing, which is the market that our cosmetics bottle enterprises can develop.
 In addition, it should be noted that the shaping of a cosmetics brand needs a long process. In the middle and high-end cosmetics market, domestic cosmetics brands are still difficult for foreign enterprises to compete.  Therefore, it is necessary to change the direction of sales to middle and low-end cosmetics bottles, and the packaging of high-end cosmetics bottles is still dominated by foreign trade.