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How does plastic bottle packaging combine the advantages of glass bottles

How does plastic bottle packaging combine the advantages of glass bottles

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Forplasticbottlesandglassbottles,thesetwokindsofpackaging. Theyhavealwaysbeenswornenemies,andinthemarkettheyaretherelationshipbetweenoneandtheother. Forpackagingmanufacturers,selectingoneofthetwopacka
For plastic bottles and glass bottles, these two kinds of packaging.  They have always been sworn enemies, and in the market they are the relationship between one and the other.  For packaging manufacturers, selecting one of the two packages must accept the disadvantages of this package.  As for plastic bottles, packaging materials have become more and more abundant in recent years, and blow molding technology is also constantly improving. It may be a good choice to solve the problem that the two advantages of current plastic bottles and glass bottles cannot coexist.
 We all know that the appearance of acrylic packaging effectively solves the problem that plastic bottle packaging is not high - grade. This appearance resembles glass bottle packaging and has the advantages of plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, it is well received by cosmetic manufacturers and is the mainstream type of cosmetic packaging at present.  One thing about plastic bottles is the safe use of pre-heating plastic bottle packaging. Whether the internal structure of plastic bottles will be unstable due to high temperature and release harmful substances has always been a concern of many consumers.  However, we believe that this point can draw lessons from the idea that pesticide bottles are coated inside the bottles to solve the corrosion of pesticides on plastic bottles.  It is obviously a good idea to develop a coating material in the plastic bottle to make the plastic bottle reach a stable structure like a glass bottle without releasing substances harmful to human body.